Last fall replaced its inventory module for MIP Fund Accounting with Microix’s fully integrated inventory solution free of charge to current users.

The Microix inventory module is easy to use, navigate and learn. We’ve listed 16 improvements you will experience with the Microix inventory solution.

Why Microix – The Sweet 16 Improvements You Will Experience With Microix 

  1. Eliminate steps from your inventory process with batch processing of transactions.
  2. Keep checks and balances in place by allowing general ledger staff to review transactions before they are posted.
  3. Easily make key edits, for example you can reverse entries in the general ledger if necessary.
  4. Make inventory your own by customizing workflows and options in the software to match your organization’s unique needs.
  5. Create your ideal approval process by placing limits on requisitions and orders. You can route them for approval according to dollar limits, category limits, by area of responsibility, and more.
  6. Facilitate processing and approvals with improved email notifications and reminders.
  7. Maintain business as usual when you are out of the office with temporary and substitute approvals.
  8. Shop directly from a shopping list so you get exactly what you need the first time.
  9. Find what you need easily by searching for items with almost any known characteristic.
  10. Track location easier with improved handling of transactions by location.
  11. Make corrections to transactions after they have been saved in Microix.
  12. Take advantage of improved reporting for picking items from inventory.
  13. Keep a comprehensive audit log with improved visibility of usage history.
  14. Identify products easier by storing images of items to assist with correct identification.
  15. Review and approve requisitions from your mobile device.
  16. Take advantage of a streamlined inventory by using bar codes to increase accuracy in transactions.