Is it time to change your nonprofit’s accounting software?

If your nonprofit organization uses MIP Fund Accounting software to ensure mission productivity, it’s time to reassess your accounting and financial management software needs.  MIP may still be the right solution for your organization, but Sage Intacct offers a different set of benefits that’s worth exploring.

Providing what nonprofits need

Sage Intacct is a modern, best-in-class cloud accounting solution that provides the flexibility, real-time visibility, and automation of key processes that forward-looking nonprofits need. Best of all, it’s easy to use, which will enable your team to update and streamline accounting and administrative processes including; automating manual tasks, provide better reporting and connect data across your nonprofit.

A true cloud solution featuring open APIs that make integrations easy, Sage Intacct provides the tools you need to empower your team to do more with less.

Is your organization ready to replace MIP?  Download the free whitepaper to learn how your team could benefit from a modern cloud accounting solution.

The Sage Intacct’s benefits include:

Flexibility and automation

A configurable design saves time and money by automating your operational workflow processes, as well as your tracking and reporting toolsets

Greater visibility

Create dashboards and reports relevant to your organization’s specific mission so decision-makers can track performance and have quick access to reliable data and key metrics

Efficiencies for multiple entities

Multi-entry, multidimensional architecture provides streamlined access for operational oversight of multiple organizations

Ease of connection with other solutions

Eliminate information silos by connecting with your current solutions — including fundraising, payroll, and CRMs like Salesforce — and with future solutions

Ability to leverage the power of modern cloud technology

Lower your maintenance and operational costs while taking advantage of the many benefits of a modern cloud computing solution

You will also have the benefit of any time, anywhere access from any browser and device.

Maximize your Return on Mission

As an AICPA preferred provider of cloud financial applications, Sage Intacct helps nonprofits manage grants, programs, and funds; track qualified and nonqualified expenses; and monitor performance and outcome metrics. Whether you’re a healthcare center, a charity, a membership association, mental health practice, or a faith-based organization, Sage Intacct can help you fulfill your unique accounting and management needs so you can strengthen stewardship, build influence, increase funding, and achieve mission success.

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