The Nonprofit Budget Roadmap

Budget season is officially upon us, and proper planning of your budget is crucial to ensuring success in the year to come.  In order to maintain financial sustainability and achieve mission delivery you’ll need a well-prepared and continually monitored budget.

The budget process can feel like a never-ending maze, but with commitment and the right tools, building a better budget will serve to properly equip your organization in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

Think of your budget as a roadmap, guiding your organization over the course of the next fiscal year.  By carefully mapping and monitoring the course, your nonprofit can stay on track toward mission delivery.

“The Nonprofit Budget Roadmap” provides you with key insight into building an efficient and effective budget, including:

  • Nonprofit budget fundamentals
  • 10 budget development best practices
  • The who’s who of the budget process
  • Plus, tips for budget monitoring

If you’re looking for tools to help build, manage, and track your budgets, MIP Fund Accounting™ software was built from the ground up specifically for nonprofits, and has the ability to customize and deliver budgets and reports by funds, grants or programs.

The budget module provides budget worksheets and unlimited budget versions, allowing you to manage more of the budget process within one system, instead of separate Excel spreadsheets or other external tools.

Contact DWD today to see how technology can put your budget development on the fast track.