Doing more with less has become somewhat of a battle cry for today’s nonprofits.  If you’re attempting to make the most of your organization’s limited resources, now is the time to look into automating everyday operational tasks – including human resources.

MIP Fund Accounting offers a comprehensive Human Resource Management suite designed specifically for the unique tracking and reporting challenges nonprofit and government organizations face every day.  While this is true,  automating the HR function can be complicated by the fact that organizations tend to have their own set of unique policies regarding conditions that must be met before an employee qualifies for a particular offering.

Accordingly, MIP designed its Human Resource module to allow for custom programming.  This gives us the ability to meet the wide variety of needs for tracking customized benefits and leave plans as well as automating rules for awarding such things as comp time.

MIP Human Resource Custom Programming

Examples where custom programming can be necessary:

  • Leave awarded on anniversary
  • Pension plan—company match of a dollar amount
  • Expense leave hours when earned, not when taken
  • Age-adjusted insurance premiums—employees, spouses, and dependents
  • Custom calculations to match unique policies

These and many other circumstances can lead to the need to write custom programming services.

Leave Awarded on Anniversary

MIP is designed to accrue employees’ leave time on a payroll by payroll basis.  But many organizations choose to award annual leave amounts on an employee’s anniversary date or at the beginning of the fiscal year.  HR scripting allows us to write an application to automatically award leave in accordance with your company policies.

Pension Plan—Company Match of a Dollar Amount

Employees are sometimes offered the option of contributing either a percent of earnings or a fixed dollar amount to a retirement plan.  The organization then matches a portion of the employee’s contribution up to a fixed amount.  When an employee chooses the fixed dollar amount option, it has to be converted to a percent before the organization’s match can be calculated.  We can write a custom script that will allow the HR application to calculate these amounts automatically.

Expense Leave Hours When Earned, Not When Taken

The end of the year comes and the auditors require you to book an expense for any unused leave time that employees carry forward into the next year.  Setting up this liability has the potential of creating a significant expense in the last month of the year.  We can write an application that will expense employees’ leave time throughout the year—when it is earned, not taken.

Age-Adjusted Insurance Premiums—Employees, Spouses, and Dependents

Insurance premiums are generally computed based upon the insured’s age—either as of the payroll date or some other pre-defined date.  DWD can program the HR module to automatically calculate the correct amount for these types of deductions—even when spousal and dependent premiums are based on separate rate tables.

Custom Calculations to Match Unique Policies

If your organization awards 8 hours of leave to a union worker on their first anniversary, but only if they have worked more than 80 hours in the prior six weeks and taken no sick leave during their first six months—HR can often be programmed to automatically track and award the leave time.

There are many advantages to customizing your Human Resource system so that it works exactly the way you want.

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