Fall is almost upon us, which means MIP Fund Accounting user group meetings are just around the corner! Coming to Fort Wayne, IN; Indianapolis, IN; Toledo, OH; Canton, OH; as well as a webinar for those who cannot join us at the physical locations.

It seems as if there are always new things to learn about MIP Fund Accounting software. That’s because there is. No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our user group meetings are designed to benefit you. They provide a unique opportunity to discuss your experiences with other users. You’ll also learn about the very latest software developments and enhancements. Thanks to the unbelievable demand for these user group meetings, we’re pleased to offer them in four locations as well a convenient webinar.

We can’t wait to see you there!


New in Version 2014.6
We’ll take a look at the latest release; including the fraud detection and prevention enhancements.

MIP reporting meets Excel (Drillpoint Module)
What accountant doesn’t love Excel? You won’t want to miss this exciting demonstration whether you’ve been on MIP for years or months! Drillpoint takes MIP Reporting to the next level. We’ll design custom MIP financials with transaction level drilldown, plus add charts and graphs all within Excel (and yes, it’s all reading your MIP database).

There’s more than one way to provide transparency and control when it comes to your budget. In this session we’ll show some tips and tricks when it comes to budgeting, and show how managers can review their own Budget.