You can backup and restore all organization and system (NPSSQLSYS) databases.  When performing a backup, the system creates a copy of the entire selected database.

Users do not need to exit Sage 100 Fund Accounting. However, to restore, all users must close the software.

1. Log on to Administration  but do not open an organization.
2. Select File > Backup
3. Choose the database you want to back up from the Database to Backup drop-down list.
4. Accept the default name (which includes the database name and current date and time) or enter another name in the Backup to File box.
5. If needed, click the Browse button and select an alternative backup directory.
6. Press the Start button.

With the change of a setting, Sage 100 Fund Accounting (MIP) can also prompt users to backup when exiting.

Make sure to test your backup and restore, as it would be disappointing if not devastating to make regular back-ups, only to find some day that you’re unable to restore the file(s) you need.

If you would like additional help with Sage 100 Fund Accounting (MIP) backups or assistance on how to restore a database, please give me a call at 260.423.2414 or email at