If you’re a leader or manager in a nonprofit, you’re well aware of the dangers of fraud and how it affects organizations.  But, fraud can come from anywhere; internally, externally, via improper internal controls, or any number of places you wouldn’t expect.

How can you prepare your organization and empower staff to watch for warning signs and wave the red flag when suspicions arise?

Fraudulence is not a one-person show – it needs to be addressed at every level of your not-for-profit organization.  From the top-down, everyone should understand and communicate fraud risks and work to strengthen internal financial controls.  But, how do you spot fraud before it occurs?

Guides to Prevention and Detection

, a leading software solutions developer for not-for-profit organizations has created a whitepaper, “Follow the Clues:  A Nonprofit Finance Sleuth Uncovers Fraud,” which tackles the topic of fraud by presenting real-life scenarios as you follow Audie Money, the world’s greatest nonprofit fraud consulting detective.

The story uncovers some of the more common ways fraud can occur, by walking you through the scene, the shock, the response, as walking you through the scene, the shock, the response, as well as the road to recovery.

Download the whitepaper “Follow the Clues:  A Nonprofit Finance Sleuth Uncovers Fraud” and discover:

  • Fraud myths
  • Red flags signaling fraud
  • First steps after you discover fraud
  • Tips for managing a fraud crisis
  • Basic safeguards you can employ

Plus as a bonus, has created an anti-cheat sheet for preventing nonprofit fraud.  It’s a quick check for preventing fraud, understanding risks, and how to develop a clear plan of action when fraud occurs.

Download the “Anti Cheat Sheet for Preventing Nonprofit Fraud”.  Included topics:

  • Making organization-wide commitment to prevent fraud
  • Understanding and communicating fraud risks
  • Tools to help you spot fraud
  • Developing a clear plan of action for responding to fraud
  • Responding actively to change

Contact us today to see how the right technology can help protect your nonprofit from fraud.