DWD is happy to announce that the cumulative update, version 11.4, is now available.

Detailed release information and installation instructions can be found within Knowledgebase article #318600.

The v11.4 spring release includes:

  • A new Auto-Close Encumbrance feature to save time and manual work at the end of your budget cycle
  • Installation of the MIPT training database to simplify set-up for product training
  • Payroll Link, a tool to set up and maintain codes through the HR Management module
  • The new Sage Fund Accounting Ideas Forum for submitting and tracking enhancement requests
  • Improved wage calculation for salaried employees within Payroll
  • More options for selecting default pages upon start-up
  • Addition of the federal tax list report

If you have any questions regarding updating your software please feel free to contact me at info@dwdtechgroup.com.

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