Have you heard about DWD’s MIP Fund Accounting user group meeting?  If so, maybe you’ve asked yourself, “What are the benefits of attending?”

If you haven’t heard of the upcoming user group meeting until now, you very well may be curious about the benefits of attending.

Listed below are just some of the many benefits of attending a MIP Fund Accounting user group.

  1. One of the most obvious benefits to attending a MIP user group meeting is that it’s an opportunity to learn new information, and there is always something new to learn with MIP Fund Accounting. There is bound to be nifty tricks or new ways to go about old tasks. Having a presenter that keeps up with the latest changes and knows the ins and outs of MIP Fund Accounting is invaluable.  You’ll have the benefit of talking to an expert one on one about specific issues with MIP Fund Accounting.
  2. Having a qualified presenter is not the only benefit to attending a MIP user group. User group meetings are a great place to share knowledge with other people in similar non-profits. They may have unique insight to how Fund Accounting can benefit your business.  This is also a great opportunity to share your knowledge with others. The dynamic group environment of a user group allows everyone involved to develop best practices based on experience.
  3. User group meetings are a great opportunity to network with others in your field and often the information and insights gained are beneficial beyond MIP Fund Accounting. Often attendees make contacts with many people in similar fields that they otherwise would not have met.
  4. During a MIP Fund Accounting user group meeting, you may find out about software or different processes that can increase productivity or just make your day to day a bit easier. Often user group attendees learn about a module or aspect to the software that they have but were not aware of or were underutilizing.
  5. User group meetings are the best place for your voice to be heard. Is there an aspect of MIP that you feel needs improving? Perhaps an add-on you would like to see. is constantly improving MIP and one of the best and most efficient ways to do that is from the valuable feedback of the users.

If you would like to learn more about MIP Fund Accounting Meetings or register for our upcoming Spring 2015, please check out our event page.