In late November, released the latest version of MIP Fund Accounting, version 2014.  Have you begun utilizing all the new features?

With the holiday season and year-end processing activities taking over the months of November, December and January, were you able to find time to learn about the new enhancements in MIP v2014 and upgrade your software?

MIP Fund Accounting version 2014 provides many advanced features including updates to the MIP Mobile App as well as enhancements to Accounts Receivable Billing, Accounts Payable and the ability to email Payroll Vouchers.

MIP Mobile Enhancements

  • Interactive reports provide users with the ability to review their Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenues and Expenditures with drill down functionality.
  • Interactive Reports allow users to view custom report formats created in the desktop version of MIP for the Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenues and Expenditures.
  • Interactive Reports can be viewed on the mobile device or exported to Excel or PDF for sharing with others.
  • MIP Reports allow users to review their General Ledger Analysis reports directly on their mobile device or in Excel.
  • Users with the available security rights are able to clear User Seats directly from their mobile device.
  • On-premises users have the ability to initiate a backup of their MIP database directly from their mobile device.

Accounts Receivable and Billing Enhancements

  • New reports are available for Accounts Receivable Billing.  Updates include:  calculated invoices calculated finance charges and calculated invoices and finance charges.
  • The pre-payment process has been enhanced for a better user experience.
  • The addition of a prepayment Transaction Source Code has been created for use with distribution codes.
  • Prepayments can no longer be made in Accounts Receivable Credits;  users must go through Accounts Receivable Receipts.

Accounts Payable Enhancements

  • Users are able to reverse the voids of individual items in a voided batch.
  • Users are able to edit an unposted batch and access the session if a check is voided by mistake.

Also Including the Ability to Email Payroll Vouchers

If you have questions regarding the new features of MIP Fund Accounting version 2014 or need assistance upgrading to the latest version contact us for assistance.