Top New Features in MIP v2017.2

Finance and accounting professionals need ongoing visibility of their organizations finances throughout the year.

In this release, we’ve expanded the DrillPoint reporting capabilities to further improve the ability to view actual progress towards budget and further examine transactional details within its integrated Excel user experience. We’ve also made key performance improvements across MIP Fund AccountingTM.

In addition, we’ve launched a new MIP Idea Portal for conveniently submitting new feature and enhancement requests to our MIPTM teams.

New Features & Functionality in MIP 2017.2

  • DrillPoint Reports Enhancements:

    • New transaction description column in addition to document description to help provide additional transaction details seen via drilldowns.
    • Dynamic Column feature:  new month report selection option designed to save time when doing ongoing analysis of actuals vs. budgets during the year for reports.
  • Performance Improvements:

    • Load time for the void check workflow has been decreased by applying a default date filter initially.
    • Faster transfer of payroll transaction data back to the general ledger.
    • Faster MIP database upgrades.
  • Reporting Enhancements:

    • Formatting enhancement for sending reports SMTP.
  • New MIP Idea Portal for Submitting Product Enhancement and New Idea Requests:

    • You can find the MIP Idea Portal from the MIP Menu or at This portal contains over 20 unique categories across MIP for quickly submitting your ideas. You can also vote for ideas submitted by other customers and check statuses of all ideas.
    • MIP 2017.2 also contains over 30 quality resolutions.

If you have questions regarding the new upcoming version 2017.2 in MIP to be released later this month, please contact John Haney at 260.423.2414.