MIP Fund Accounting 2020.2 new features and enhancements.

MIP Fund Accounting was released on August 17, 2020. Are you aware of all the new features?

This release contains high-quality updates offering patch process and reporting improvements, as well as defect fixes. This release also contains important updates to our security posture in MIP Fund Accounting.

Improvements in the Release

Patch Process Improvements

  • Workstation Updater Tool – Users can now find, download, and install minor workstation related updates

1099-NEC Updates

  • New option for 1099 Form Setup in Maintain Vendors
  • New option for 1099 in Transactions


  • Microsoft Excel is no longer required for MIP reports. All customers that own the Data Import/Export module can now export Reports to .xls and view using any .xls reader.

Checks and Forms

  • Checks and Forms is the preferred vendor for the MIP Fund Accounting Software.
  • Users can now find a link to Checks and Forms in Help.
  • You can order your checks and forms via phone (844-857-2898) or online at https://mipchecks.com.

For a list of quality improvements, please see Version 2020.X Resolved Issues.

Security Updates

Password-related improvements

  • Password is required for all MIP Users and is no longer optional
  • Force Password reset is not optional
  • Minimum password character length is enforced
    • If the user hasn’t set the minimum length previously, it will default to 8 during this upgrade
    • Maximum Password length is 100 characters
  • User Password expiration is enforced
    • The interval value can be configured. The minimum value is 1 and maximum value is 365
    • If the user hasn’t set this value previously, it will be set to 90 days. If it is set to more than 365 days, it will be reset to 365 days.
  • Modified Password Complexity rules
    • All Special Characters are now allowed in passwords. Spaces are allowed but not allowed at the beginning or end.
  • Password History Management
    • Cannot reuse the last 6 passwords

SQL Login

  • Granulized SQL Permissions for Improved SQL login security

Ready to Move Your MIP software to the Cloud?

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