Your Sage 100 General Ledger can occasionally become out of balance. Fortunately, fixing this issue is as easy as entering a one-sided journal entry.  In this software tip, we’ll show you how to post an out of balance journal entry in Sage 100.

Below are the steps to post an Out of Balance Journal Entry:

  1. Go to General Ledger > Main > General Journal Entry
  2. Select Your Source Journal
    Journal Entry Source
  3. Click the button for Next Entry Number
    Journal Entry Number
  4. Enter the Posting Date and Comment
    Journal Entry Date/Comment
  5. Click on the lines tab
    Journal Entry Lines Tab
  6. Enter the Account Number and Debit or Credit amount and then click Accept
    Journal Entry Account Number/Amount
  7. Since this is an out of balance entry, when you click Accept, you should get the following message.
    Out of Balance Entry Message

Click on the One button to allow you to save and update this entry – if the One button is not visible, you will need to change your security rights in Sage 100.

Once you have clicked on the One button, print and update the General Journal Register as you would for normal journal entries.

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