For many companies, both CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning) are invaluable tools. CRM system software handles the front-end tasks, such as tracking sales, managing pipelines and recording interactions with customers. Sage ERP systems tackle the back-end work, including accounting, supply chain management, and shipping and billing.

However, these powerful tools work even better together. In this article, we’ll explore how integrating CRM and ERP can increase your company’s profits in a variety of ways.

Boost Sales Through Improved Customer Service With ERP Integrated Solutions

No matter how talented your sales staff, failing to provide them the most accurate and up to date information will hamper their efforts. In the time it takes to track down the info a customer needs, your potential buyer may already have called a competitor.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) can enhance customer service by offering your sales team instant access to inventory levels, pricing and fulfillment time so they can complete the sale immediately.

Integrating both Sage technology solutions also enables your staff to go above and beyond. Let’s say a customer wants to cancel an order at the last minute. Delays while your staff member hunts for information can lead to problems, such as the creation of a custom item or the costly shipment of the unwanted item.

Or let’s say your sales staff gets a call from a client who needs a particularly quick order. While they might instinctively say it’s not possible, a quick check of the system might reveal it is. Knowledge is power – and empowering your staff to go the extra mile can reap rewards by creating extremely satisfied customers who return over and over.

Promote Upselling & Cross-Selling With Business Process Software

When Sage enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software share data in an easily accessible location, both your sales staff and your marketing team can better encourage upselling and cross-selling. Your sales team can check out customer data (both aggregated and individual), pinpoint additional or complementary products and check availability before suggesting them. Your marketing staff can also access crucial customer information, such as transaction history, to better target their audience and produce the most effective campaigns possible.

Save Valuable Time and Money by Merging Both Platforms

We all know time is money – and successful integration of your Sage ERP and CRM management software can also boost profits by making more efficient use of your staff’s time. By eliminating the need for repetitive data entry, incorporating both software systems boosts productivity, reduces administration costs and cuts down on potentially costly errors.

Merging both platforms for your business processes also allows your sales staff to maximize their time. Because they will have access to comprehensive financial data – including a customer’s past orders, current balance and credit limit – they won’t spend precious time pitching products to a certain customer won’t want or cannot afford.

Reduce IT Costs By Combining Two Systems into One Software Package

Another way CRM and ERP system integration can cut costs is by eliminating the need to purchase separate licenses for the two systems. Also, providing a single cross-platform operating system for your IT staff to maintain reduces support costs.

Finally, integrating two of Sage’s business systems into your company’s work procedures also helps cut down on training time and costs, as employees only need to learn one software system rather than two. A well-executed integration can mean fewer training sessions and increased productivity for your staff.

Improve Business Operations

Sometimes in businesses, it seems the right-hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. The integration of ERP and CRM systems enables every department to share data, communicate more effectively and stay on the same page. And when management can easily see the big picture, they can make smarter decisions that ultimately boost a company’s bottom line.

CRM and ERP: A Smart Match

If you’re still trying to get your head around implementing enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management together, think of it this way: When somebody starts a one-person business, they know everything about their operation. As the business grows, takes on more staff and splits into departments, that knowledge becomes more fragmented.

The real purpose of integrating ERP and CRM systems is to replicate the power of knowing everything about your operations while still getting the benefits of scale and diversity that comes from growing a business.

If you want to make the most of your company’s potential by combining Sage ERP and CRM software, get in touch with DWD Technology Group to find out how to make it happen.