A Closer Look at Recent Sage CRM Improvements

Released in July 2016, Service Pack for Sage CRM Version 7.3 included user interface enhancements, workflow improvements, and updated MailChimp integration that we’ll take a closer look at in this article.

User Interface Enhancements

The user interface in Sage CRM has been updated to provide a consistent experience with other Sage applications that it integrates with like Sage 100. The changes include:

Main Menu – A new compact and responsive main menu that’s easy to use and adjusts to any display (mobile device, laptop, tablet, etc).

Enhanced Tabs – Horizontal tabs now stay visible even when you scroll. With a new color scheme, active tabs are clearly highlighted, indicating your current location in Sage CRM.

Top Bar Icons – Notification, history, search, and my profile icons displayed in the top right corner of the screen are now bigger, more intuitive, and easier to use.

Companion Buttons – Action buttons on the right side of the screen now stay onscreen when you scroll, making it easier for you to perform the actions with less vertical scrolling.

Fonts and Spacing – More spacing between elements on Sage CRM screens, updated fonts, and better contrast rate improve the readability of information.

Updated MailChimp Integration

The original release of Sage CRM 7.3 introduced the new integration with MailChimp. Service Pack 3 continues to build on that foundation, creating an integration that’s even more
powerful and connected.

As an administrator, you can now specify how often data synchronization occurs between Sage CRM and MailChimp including various settings in Communications and Opt out requests
as well as synchronization of Campaign Results.

When adding new contacts to MailChimp from your Sage CRM database, helpful notifications now display the number of contacts with new or updated email addresses that were successfully sent to MailChimp, the number of contacts with missing email addresses, and the number of contacts that MailChimp couldn’t process. Plus, the number of merge fields you can use in a MailChimp campaign has increased.

New Workflow Actions

A new Create Appointment workflow action has been created which prompts you to schedule an appointment as part of a workflow process. Alternatively, you can use the action to automatically create an appointment with pre-defined values (no user input required).

Sage also enhanced the existing Send Email workflow action to automatically (optional) file emails against corresponding entities including Person, Company, Case, Opportunity, Solution, and custom entities that have communications. The emails can then be viewed on the Communications tab.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Get in touch if you need help upgrading to Service Pack 3 or if you’d like more detail about the changes.

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