Keeping tabs on lead opportunities and sales figures is important. Sales teams come up with all sorts of ways to keep track of customer data, their own leads, and their own sales figures.  How do you know when sales are up to par or below satisfactory?

You can rely on each of your sales representatives to provide you with a periodic update in the form of a weekly meeting or email report, but that would be inefficient and time-consuming for all parties involved.  Instead, use an affordable and efficient customer relationship management (CRM) solution, such as Sage CRM, to keep tabs on your team and all of your marketing and sales opportunities.  Using a powerful CRM solution, instead of fancy spreadsheets or hand-written notes, lets your sales team focus on prospects and customers, while you focus on the success of the marketing and sales activities.

Sage CRM manages all of the important marketing and sales functions – from lead management to sales forecasting.  You can have all of your important sales data in one spot and access real-time data at your convenience, instead of waiting for the weekly meeting. Use the customized, interactive dashboard to monitor key metrics, such as regional sales data or sales figures by department or person.  Know how each territory is doing or which sales representative is leading in sales.  Whatever you are looking for, you can find quickly and easily in Sage CRM.

Your team can organize marketing campaigns and use built-in mail merge features to create personalized letters. After the campaigns are sent out, you can analyze the rate of leads and sales that result.  Learn what is working, as well as what doesn’t so you can fine-tune your campaigns and generate better leads and more sales. You and your team can use the case-tracking and workflow features to automate prospect and customer follow-up.  Touch base when product replenishments are needed,  send out a customer survey or thank you letter, or use your own workflows to improve customer service and satisfaction.

Having each of your sales team send you periodic updates on their activities leaves you with a stack of information that you need to validate and analyze.  Save yourself some time and trouble by using a more organized and powerful CRM solution.  Contact DWD Technology Group for more information about getting the results you want with Sage CRM.