Better Control Your Inventory with Multi-Bin & Warehouse Automation

Location, Location, Location!

Location is arguably the most important factor in real estate and also one of the most important aspects of inventory control.  Knowing where your items are is as important as knowing how many you have.  Inventory levels drive the ability to service customers in a timely manner as well as provide the data imperative to managing appropriate quantities in the warehouse. 

DSD / ScanForce Multi-bin raises the bar in the Sage 100 market for inventory control. This module offers a solution that meets and exceeds the needs of Sage 100 users, and affords Sage 100 users the ability to expand their reach as it relates to inventory control. 

During this free 60 minute webinar, you'll learn all about the DSD / Scanforce Multi-Bin Basic module - which is free to all Sage 100c users.  You'll also learn how to extend these capabilities with Multi-Bin Advanced and ScanForce Warehouse Management.

 Key Features Are: 
  • Smart Bin Naming
  • Allocation of items and Auto-Allocation
  • Exclusive Integration to ScanForce Warehouse Management
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Visibility by Item and by Bin
  • Instant Bin Transfer

Date:  Thursday, August 16th

Time:  1:00 - 2:00pm EDT
Cost:  Free 

Questions? Contact Shannon Barnhardt at or 260.423.2414. 

More About New Multi-Bin Inventory Management for Sage 100 

A collaboration between Sage Software and two longtime developers extends the inventory management capabilities of Sage 100c with the new DSD / ScanForce Multi-bin module.  What's more, the basic version is free of charge to current customers of Sage 100c Advanced or Complete product bundles.

What is Multi-Bin Management?

DSD/ScanForce Mult-Bin Basic version extends the warehousing capabilities of Sage 100c to include the designation, storage, and distribution of a single inventory item in multiple "bin" locations within a warehouse.

Notable features include:
  • Set customer or item specific restrictions based on bin location
  • Perform on-the-fly bin location transfers
  • Maintain a structure and segments for bin locations
  • Set minimum and maximum location quantities for bins

DSD / ScanForce Multi-Bin Advanced extends capabilities of the Basic version with additional features for replenishment, directed put away, default bin locations, and auto-allocations.