Do you need a professional to help keep your business secure?

I’m sure you don’t worry about security at your company.  You have a full-time Security Officer with a staff of highly trained engineers focused on keeping your data locked down tight.

Wait, you don’t?  Then join the vast majority of businesses that need this type of protection but can’t afford an in-house team.

Enter the Managed Security Services Provider(MSSP).  An MSSP provides you with everything from an initial Security Assessment to a fully implemented plan that is managed for you.  Don’t have time to review the security logs from your firewall?  They do.  Need to follow strict PCI or HIPAA compliance standards?  They will manage the process for you and stay current on all changes to compliance rules.

How can a Managed Security Services Provider Help Your Business?

Basic Steps

At a minimum, every company should have some basic security measures in place. These include having a correctly configured business-class firewall that is regularly monitored, a WiFi network set up for separate guest and user access (with strong passwords), endpoint protection (antivirus/anti-malware), password requirements for local users, and allowing access to data only by specific users.


If your company must meet HIPAA, PCI or other compliance standards, you will need to go even further than the basic security steps mentioned above. In almost all compliance cases, businesses are required to have a written Security Plan that includes items like naming a local Compliance Officer, how a breach will be reported should one occur, password policies, and access procedures. Just getting started down this path can be overwhelming for a company lacking in specialized resources. An MSSP is a perfect fit for this scenario.

Remote Workers

Very few companies can still say they don’t have remote workers. Once a single user configures email on their smartphone, you have a remote user. It is becoming fairly common for users to access company resources while out of the office. Hackers are taking advantage of the access points created for these workers more and more. A Managed Security Services Provider will help you lock  down access while not making it too difficult for the legitimate user to navigate.


Unless you relish the idea of reading pages and pages of rules and regulations and consider hours of online research of the most recent Internet attack variances fascinating (maybe that’s just us), why not tap into a team that does? The saying ‘the only constant is change’ has never been truer than with network security.

Unfortunately, the days of just loading antivirus on workstations and servers and plugging in some kind of firewall and hoping no one will spend time hacking your particular business are over. The tools are too inexpensive, the reach too great, and the risk too small to deter the bad guys. It costs them next to nothing to release a bot to scan for easy victims.

In Conclusion

Although the as-a-service concept is being applied to everything under the sun these days, the one area where it does make sense is in the highly technical and always changing area of network security. The consequences of not being an expert or not utilizing an expert are just too great. Your company is worth it.