Small and medium-sized businesses using Sage 50 often ask us to explain the key differences between Sage 50 and Sage 100.  Often times, they are experiencing growth or seeking ways to improve business efficiencies.

DWD has been a Sage Software Certified Partner since 2001 and has many years of expertise with both Sage 50 and Sage 100.

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Sage 50 vs Sage 100 – Key Differences

Why do companies using Sage 50 switch to Sage 100?

  • Business has outgrown the solution (performance-related issues)
  • Need real-time control and visibility over all business activities to minimize operating costs.
  • Need Extended functionality (integrated barcoding, shipping, EDI, e-commerce, advanced inventory and warehouse management, etc.)
  • Provide easy access for remote users to connect to your system.
  • Looking for better manufacturing solution – Automate and streamline processes, Connect multiple systems and databases, Product Costing, Material Planning, Job Tracking, Work Order
  • Looking for better Distribution solution – Better visibility and tracking of inventory, lower overhead costs, increase sales with customer and item-specific pricing, e-commerce integration, better track, manage and reduce shipping costs
  • Integrated CRM solution automates sales, marketing & customer service activities

Sage 50 v Sage 100 - what is the difference?


As a Sage 50 user, you rely on the features of your accounting system.  If your company requires more advanced accounting, manufacturing or other specialized features, we can help.

If your business has grown, you’re seeking new ways to improve business efficiencies or you feel limited with a software solution that is not keeping up with the latest technological advances, now is the time to start planning for a successful transition.

Moving to a modern ERP solution like Sage 100cloud will provide you with a more powerful, scalable ERP system to support your ongoing business needs.

Improve Critical Business Processes – receive regular product enhancements and take advantage of technology advances including mobility, business intelligence, cloud, and more.

Upgraded Technology – Sage 100 is built using industry-standard programming languages, incorporating the latest advances in technology.

Additional Functionality – Sage 100 offers add-on solutions and modules for bill of materials, supply chain management, advanced inventory, payroll, human resources, CRM, and more.  In addition, a variety of endorsed solutions provide industry-specific applications that seamlessly connect to Sage 100.

No matter your industry or business type, DWD can work with you to determine the best path to take with your Sage 50 software.

Manufacturing, Distribution, Wholesale, Service, Retail or Related Industries

Sage 100 has been a natural upgrade path for Sage 50 users for many years.

If you’re starting to look for new ERP, Business or Nonprofit software, we offer a free Software Needs Assessment to help you find the best software for your unique needs.  Contact us today!