It has been brought to our attention that the Microsoft support phone scam is happening again and has recently touched one of DWD’s clients.  Please be aware and be sure to protect your company and your data.


Cyber criminals don’t just send fraudulent email messages and set up fake websites.  They also call you on the telephone and claim to be from Microsoft.  They might offer to help solve your computer problems by accessing your computer/network through a remote connection.


Once they have access to your computer, they can do a number of things including: 

  • Trick you into installing malicious software that could capture sensitive data.
  • Take control of your computer remotely and adjust settings to leave your computer vulnerable.
  • Request credit card information so they can bill you for phony services or worse steal your credit card information.

Be aware that Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls (also known as cold calls).  Unless you have specifically put in a call to Microsoft requesting support you should not expect to be contacted by them to review your system or network.

To protect the security of your company and its data, be sure to notify your staff of this potential scam and the fact that they should always proceed with caution if they receive a call from anyone asking to access their computer through a remote connection.

If you have any questions or believe you may have been affected by a tech support phone scam, please contact John Barron, Network Services Manager at 260.423.2414.