When choosing a technology partner for your business, there are many important factors to consider.

Technology is one of the most important considerations of any business. From the hardware that captures critical customer data to the software that transforms information into intelligence, it’s important to find the right solutions to power the backbone of your business.

A trusted technology partner can help your company navigate the infrastructure, devices, and services necessary to stay competitive. Lending expertise in everything from cybersecurity to disaster prevention, the right technology partner will ensure that your business remains safe, secure, and stable around the clock.

When choosing a technology partner, there are many important factors to consider beyond the simple cost of doing business. Here are some important things to keep in mind when seeking out a professional technology partner:

Fast Service and Response Time

The speed and responsiveness of your technology partner can have a critical impact on your business.  Computers, mobile devices, and networks require care and maintenance, and the amount of time it takes to recover from an issue can have a direct impact on your employees and customers.

When exploring support options for your software, hardware, or network infrastructure, be sure your partner can address questions directly related to their responsiveness, including:

  • What is their average response time to support needs?
  • Are they available after hours in the event of an emergency?
  • Are they available for local, on-site support if needed?
  • Will you have a dedicated team member assigned to your business and network or a different IT person each time you have a need?

Communication, Understanding, and Pro-activeness

The IT industry is filled with complicated jargon and acronyms that sometimes make it feel like it’s a foreign language.  Open and clear communication play a vital role in your IT partnership.  They should always explain projects in a way that is easy for you to understand and free of IT jargon.  The conversation should be a two-way street.  They should ask you questions to understand the specifics of your business, support needs, and priorities before offering potential solutions.

When selecting an IT partner, you’ll want to be sure they are pro-active in offering new ways to support your business, particularly when it comes to network security.  New and updated tools are regularly released to help protect businesses and streamline processes.  Your technology partner should be making you aware of any new solutions that make sense for your business.

Industry Experience

Financial institutions, healthcare companies, and small businesses each have very different technology needs. You’ll want to look for a partner that has a good understanding of issues that are unique to your size, business, and industry, including regulatory compliance.  Before choosing a technology partner, be sure they have experience with other clients in and around your same industry.

Technical Expertise and Certifications

Not only should your technology partner be well-versed in your industry, but they should also have the proper amount of knowledge and experience to cover any and all eventualities. Technology certifications can also clarify a partner’s precise levels of expertise, ensuring their skills have been vetted by an established hardware or software provider.

In addition to technical expertise, the longevity of your IT partner and its team members can also be a positive indicator. Companies with a low employee turnover suggest a business that’s worth sticking with.


Perhaps above all else, it’s important to make sure your technology partner worthy of your trust. Placing proprietary information, confidential communications, and other critical business information in the hands of a third party means that your company must have faith that technology tasks are being attended to with the utmost amount of care.

Before forging a relationship with a technology contractor, take time to read their online reviews and ask them to provide client references. Positive experiences from others with established business relationships can clarify the partner’s reputation, and any business that stands behind its services should be happy and ready to provide them.

Understand Your Partnership’s Value

The upfront cost of managing your network should not be the only deciding factor when choosing a technology partner. Cutting corners on service, experience, and reliability might save a few dollars initially but cost your company greatly when serious issues arise.

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