Technology has given us so many types of Internet connections, that it has left a number of us wondering “Which option is right for me?” I have listed the 7 most popular types along with a brief description.

  • Dial-up uses a standard dial-tone phone connection. It is one of the oldest methods of connecting to the Internet, and the most cost effective. Dial-up also provides secure connections and is offered in rural areas.
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is still run over a phone line, but the line is split into three channels (voice, download, and upload) to keep your phone line free and provide “always on” service. The quality of the service will depend on how close you are to your service providers office and the cost is only moderately more expensive than dial-up connections.
  • Cable Modem uses a coaxial cable hook-up, the way your cable provider gets cable t.v. run to your home or business. It can be just as fast as DSL, but speed is determined by how many other people are using the same connection as you in your service area. The cost is similar to DSL.
  • Satellite uses satellite equipment to provide Internet access and is a good option for rural areas without an Internet service provider. However, much like satellite television, equipment and installation costs are high, and obstructions such as trees will cause interruptions in your service. Monthly fees should be moderate once you have paid the installation costs.
  • Cellular uses cell towers to provide Internet services to your computer. The Internet will work similarly to your smartphone or tablet computer. Cellular connection can be used when there is no other connection available. Cost will vary based on your cell phone company’s rate plans.
  • Wireless or “wi-fi” uses a wireless router to connect to the Internet. Most places offer wireless connections for free and you can use one in your home to give yourself the freedom of not having to sit at a specific spot to surf the web. Wireless connection comes with minimal cost if you already have a Cable or DSL set-up.
  • T1 Line is the most expensive Internet Connection you can buy, but it is also the fastest and most reliable of those options discussed above. T1 lines are the standard for medium to large businesses who need the upgraded performance to boost productivity.

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