Strange noises, phantom messages, slow performance, spooky pop-ups; these all can be signs of haunting, or more likely, a nasty computer virus. Know the signs so you can take action before the virus wreaks havoc on productivity or harms your company’s image.

Strange Sounds
You’re typing away when you hear a sound. It startles you, but you keep working. It happens again, then again. The sounds could be a series random noises, or perhaps you hear an unwelcomed advert over the speakers.  It could be a rouge program, or just the result of an over active imagination. Or, it very well could be a virus or malware.

Slow Down
Have you noticed that your programs are a bit sluggish these days, lurching at a zombie’s pace, where once they ran with pep and vigor? This may be due to a virus or a vicious program lurking in the shadows of your data, taxing your computer’s resources. It may be comforting to chalk this up to impatience or too many programs running, but it’s a good idea to let your IT department know about it, and which programs are running slow.

Are you getting strange messages in the in your inbox or social network accounts? Are client’s complaining that you sent scary tweets about hair growth products and vitamins? Chances are that your network isn’t haunted by a prankster ghost, but the system has been affected by malware. Not only is this type of malware annoying to you, but also to your clients. 

Files are moved when you’re not looking.
Do you wake up to find that your files and folders have been switched around, or their names have been mysteriously changed? Rather than a pesky poltergeist, this is a pretty good sign that your computer has been infected. Believe it or not, some viruses can move, duplicate, delete, and rename files and folders. Run an up-to-date virus scan and malware detector.

While the thought of a computer virus can be frightening, taking steps to face the problem should ease the nerves. Having a responsive and knowledgeable IT professionals on the ready is a great way to protect your company.  Simply keeping your anti-virus and malware software up to date and only browsing trusted sites will help detour spooky viruses from causing harm to your company.