There is very little that we can’t do with today’s smartphones. We can search the web, get directions, fling indigent fowl at swine, check emails, update tweets, text friends, take pictures, listen to music, and even make phone calls from time to time.

Sadly, the days of two day battery life have gone the way of the flip phone. Today’s programs and displays require much more power than that low res wallpaper and that special custom MIDI ringtone. There is good news, however. With some simple changes in habit, your battery life can be significantly extended.

Close Background Apps
If you are like most smartphone users, you are using multiple apps a day. The majority of these apps keep running in the background even when you’re not using them. iOS, Windows, and Andriod devices allow you to easily shut down these apps, saving precious battery power.

Rings and Notifications
Having a loud ring is not just annoying when in public settings, it can take a heavy toll. Management of the phone’s vibration is also a good idea. Pop up vibration notifications can also drain your battery. Check the settings on apps to make sure you aren’t getting notified that the Golden Bird of Destiny is now available if that isn’t vital information.

Manage Your Wifi
Switch off the WiFi when you’re away from any reliable hotspots. While the WiFi is on, your phone is draining battery, desperately searching for an oasis of access. The opposite is true when at home or at a hotspot. Make sure your WiFi is on when an access point is available.

Turn off the Bluetooth
Bluetooth is a great technology that allows for hands free/wire free interface but it’s a huge drain on your battery. Little things like switching to a USB connection to listen to a playlist on your car or home stereo rather than going through Bluetooth will keep that battery icon in the green for longer.

Turn Down the Bright Light
Unless you are using your smartphone is direct sunlight, you don’t need your screen so bright that shades are required. Dimming the screen to a reasonable level will not only save a significant amount battery life, but will be kinder to your eyes.

Keep Your Phone Comfortable
Believe it or not, temperature can affect the battery life in your smartphone. If you’re keeping your phone in a hot or confined space, the battery will drain much faster than if you are keeping it in a space where it could have adequate air flow. A cool phone is a happy phone.

Turn Off GPS and Location Services
Unless you absolutely need the location features on your phone at that moment, there is little reason to have them activated. Location features drain the battery and unless they can lead you to a handy charger, they are often not necessary.

Check Your Streaming
If you are the sort of person that is catching up on missed episodes of your favorite show during your morning commute, don’t be surprised if your phone is down by lunch. If you have the option download rather than stream, take this route. Otherwise, it may be better to wait until there is a charger ready before watching mass amounts of media.

Cut the Tether
As great as smartphones are, there is a tendency to use them ad nauseam. Putting the phone down when not needed will ensure that the battery will be true when it’s really needed, for instance, when it’s time to upgrade that Golden Bird of Destiny.

Consider an Extra Battery
If you find yourself constantly plagued by the red icon, it may be time to invest in an external battery. Make sure to do some research and read reviews of the different options before making such a purchase.

Hopefully these tips will keep your battery icon in the green longer and take away the stress about worrying where the closest charging station is.