Just like larger businesses, small and mid-sized companies are relying more and more on technology to operate and compete effectively.  But with limited resources, they find themselves quickly overwhelmed with the day to day responsibilities of keeping the IT infrastructure up and running and are turning to Outsourced IT or “Managed IT Services” as the answer.

What is Managed IT Services?  Instead of having your IT partner operating in a reactive, break-fix mode, Managed Services partners constantly monitor items like disk usage, backup status, local and remote network utilization, and firewall logs. They also help address the common tech issues many companies experience.

Common IT Issues Companies Face

  1. Information Security
    Your company has information worth protecting and it can be difficult to know the steps to take to make sure your data is secure.   Your business might also have to follow laws and regulations such as HIPAA that can make this task even more difficult.
  2. Ongoing Software Problems
    Companies continuously run into problems with their software programs, causing a slowdown in productivity and frustration for employees. Missing software updates and patches can create issues for users and lack of software compatibility can halt productivity entirely.
  3. Tech Issues Are Negatively Impacting Your Clients
    While technology can help increase the satisfaction of your customers, it can also have a negative impact. Customers have come to expect instant results and resolution to their issues. If your business is not able to keep up with customer service demands, it will eventually lead to a loss of business.
  4. No Dedicated IT Support
    Many companies turn to an existing employee who knows IT well, often someone who works on computer as a hobby, and designates them to handle IT problems. This can be problematic when that fill in IT person is not at work, and a server goes down, software crashes, etc. Additionally, if this is not the person’s sole focus, it will be a reactive effort.
  5. Old IT Equipment
    As a company grows and time passes, IT equipment naturally becomes outdated. It can be costly trying to keep up-to-date with the newest IT equipment on an ongoing basis. Out of date technology can lead to productivity loss, security risks, data loss and more.

There are two very viable solutions to dealing with the common IT issues we’ve listed above. One option is to hire an IT expert in-house. Another is to partner with a Managed IT Services provider to take care of some or all of it for you.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT

There are several reasons you may want to consider outsourcing your IT needs to a Managed IT Services partner. They not only have a larger pool of resources, they also have multiple employees to can assist when you have a need.

  1. Predictable Costs
    When outsourcing your IT needs, you are able to select a service with a specific, and predictable, cost.  This helps you create and follow a budget throughout the entire year, while getting your IT needs met.
  2. Felixibility
    One time or temporary IT projects like moving your business or opening a new office can be outsourced to an individual or team of individuals with expert knowledge for a specific time period or event.
  3. Expertise
    Working with a Managed Services partner give you access to their team of consultants with expert knowledge and experience. Instead of expecting your internal IT person to have knowledge around all IT topics, you can select an individual from your Managed Services team with proper expertise and hands on experience.
  4. Save Money and Time
    Rather than spending time and money searching for experts to fix your problems as they pop up, outsourced IT experts are ready to help and also are in place to take proactive IT measures.
  5. 24/7 Monitoring
    Speaking of proactivity, an IT company often provides 24/7 monitoring along with their services. This means that they are alerted of a problem before you are, and they are able to fix it before you are seriously impacted.In modern times, IT has become a key aspect of running a business. As you can see, many problems arise when it is not properly managed. Outsourcing IT has become a popular solution for many companies, providing savings, proactivity, efficiency and predictability.

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