Microsoft Vista operating system became available on new computers in January. At this time, many software applications including some Sage Software and some Microsoft applications have not been certified Windows Vista compatible.

Although Vista will likely become the predominate Windows operating system, we recommend waiting 6-12 months before upgrading to Vista to allow your software developers time to ensure compatibility. When making new computer purchases, we recommend that you request Windows XP Professional until you’ve confirmed your applications are compatible.

In the coming months, developers will be testing their systems with Vista and releasing compatibility statements. We encourage you to confirm with each of your software application developers their compatibility status prior to purchasing or upgrading to Windows Vista. While it is possible that untested systems will run under Vista, you may end up expending time and resources attempting to resolve compatibility issues. In some cases, the compatibility issue may not be able to be resolved until software updates become available.

Visit Microsoft’s Windows Vista website to learn more.

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