Streamline credit card processing processes.

There’s an old adage that says “Cash is King.” But if you’ve been doing business for a while, you probably already know that cash was dethroned and replaced by credit cards long ago.

There’s no doubt your customers prefer the convenience (and potential rewards/travel points!) of using their credit card to pay for goods and services and most companies are offering credit cards as a form of payment.

But transaction processing is a pain.

One reason that companies cite as a challenge in accepting credit card payments is the hassle of a labor-intensive transaction workflow. Without the right system in place, you may find it challenging to capture credit card details without extensive data entry, duplicating that data entry into your accounting system, and spending countless hours each month manually reconciling transactions.

Integrate to save time and reduce manual entry errors

DWD offers credit card processing solutions with seamless integration to Sage 100 and Sage BusinessWorks.  Process credit card transactions directly from within Sales Order and Accounts Receivable. All transaction information is stored in your system and there’s no need to re-key data which makes processing a snap, reduces errors, and enables quick and easy reconciliation.

You can accept and process a variety of payments, including credit cards, ACH processing, debit cards, gift and customer loyalty cards, and electronic check services.

Reduce Fraud Exposure

Our integrated credit card processing solutions include a connection to the payment vault/portal. This secure area stores sensitive credit card information and processes transactions outside of your Sage BusinessWorks or Sage 100 system. It also keeps your business compliant with PA-DSS and ever-changing credit card processing laws.

For added cardholder security, Sage 100 also allows a “one-time-use” credit card for payment transactions without saving credit card information. Customers migrating from previous versions of the software will be able to easily move their customers’ credit card information from the current database location into the secure vault/portal.

Invoices Simplified

  • Integration with an online payment portal where customers can securely log in from any device to pay via ACH check or credit card
  • Automatically sync paid invoices with your Sage 10 system and post payments to your AR and GL
  • Automatic payment reminders sent out to customers via email.

A better customer experience

As technology has progressed, the way we use technology has changed too.  Customers now expect fast and convenient interactions with businesses, even in the B2B space.  They may be willing to do without some of the frills of B2C interactions, but they don’t want companies to waste their time.  Coordinating times with a vendor to read credit card information over the phone feels like an outdated process to them.  It is an outdated process, which is why the switch to a customer invoicing and bill pay portal feels so natural to both businesses and customers.  An online invoicing portal makes payment collects convenient and efficient.

When you upload an invoice, your customer will be emailed a secure link to the online portal.  They can pay down their invoices on their own time, using any smart device.

Using an online invoicing portal is also more secure than relaying credit card information over the phone or email.  Sending credit card information through email, in particular, leaves your customers wide open to fraud.  Payment portals have strict security protocols that include high-level encryption and tokenization.

Integrated Credit Card Processing Features:

  • Automatically connects to Merchant Accounts for credit card authorizations and settlements.
  • Process cards as pre-authorizations, straight sales, and deposits/partial payments.
  • Compliant with Visa and MasterCard Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard.
  • Complete, secure 24/7 online transaction reporting.
  • One-stop-shop solution for processing – the processor, payment gateway, and native integration all in one.
  • Credit Verification Value (CVV & CVV2) is fully supported to help verify card authenticity.
  • Multiple address verification options add an additional layer of credit card authentication.
  • User-level password protection combined with strict adherence to PCI security standards helps ensure your system is secure.

If you would like more information or pricing for integrated credit card processing for Sage 100 or Sage BusinessWorks, please contact Sherry Simerman at 260.423.2414.