Did you know minor changes can be made to Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90/200) so it meets your unique needs?

While Sage 100 ERP fills the broad requirements of most businesses, sometimes small customizations are needed to make it work the way you do.  We have worked with a number of clients to customize Sage 100 ERP to meet their unique needs.

Sage 100 ERP Customization Example

Challenge:  A Sage 100 ERP client felt they were spending too much time calculating price quotes.  Upon discussion, we learned they were manually calculating mark-up outside Sage 100 ERP on thousands of items and then entering the price back into each line item.

Customization:  A new field called Margin Percentage was added to their Sage 100 ERP sales order line entry.  This new field allows the price to calculate automatically within Sage 100 ERP saving them hours when creating customer quotes.

Please feel free to contact me at info@dwdtechgroup.com or 260.423.2414 to discuss customizing your Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90/200) software.

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