What’s new with Production Management in Sage 100 2022?

In this blog article, we’re going to review some of the changes in Sage 100 2022, primarily focusing on Production Management.  The majority of the changes in Sage 100 version 2022 were to production management and we’re excited to share the new enhancements.

What to know about Work Order and Production Management when planning your Sage 100 2022 upgrade.

  1. In general, Work Order is not available, everyone must convert to Production Management when upgrade to Sage 100 2022. When upgrading to version 2022, Production Management with automatically replace Work Order.
  2. It will convert either your Work Order data or your existing production management data to the latest version of production management.

**One Exception**

If you are running MRP, you can stay on Work Order, but your Sage Partner will need to request special keys from Sage Software to allow the continued use of the module.  The installation process and rules governing the use of Work Order have yet to be determined.

  1. IRP and MRP are still being developed, which should be available in the Fall of 2022. – *IRP and MRP are now available with version 2022 product update 1*
  2. Production Management and Work Order can no longer co-exist in the same install with 2022. Previously you would have access to a Work Order history inquiry, but with the ability now to convert Work Order history, Work Order is no longer available.
  3. The manufacturing licensing has not changed, with Production Management it is still a separate license.

View this 17:54 minute video to learn about the new Production Management features in Sage 100 2022.

Sage 100 Production Management YouTube Video

Changes to Sage Production Management

Module Code Changed from J/T to P/M

If you get in behind the scenes to look at some of the tables when you write reports, all of the Module code has been changed from J/T to P/M.  J/T was what Scanco used prior to 2022 and how they have changed it to P/M for Production Management.

Ability to convert both from WO and Existing PM installs

It does have the ability to convert both from WO and prior existing production management installs.

  1. Will create step 0000 if not currently in the WO Router, this is necessary for conversion.
  2. It will now convert Work Order History

In prior versions, if your router did not have the beginning step of 0000, we had to jump through some hoops to manually create those in the router tables before we could actually do the conversion.  Now if it’s not there, the conversion process will automatically add or create that step 0000 for you.

Also, it will now convert Work Order history to Production Management, in prior versions it did not convert Work Order history to Production Management.

Changes in Role Maintenance

In Sage’s effort to standardize the different modules, they’ve gone into Role Maintenance and have added different security features to each of the roles.


  • Allow Access to Private Batches
  • Allow Batches to be Merged
  • Allow to be Renumbered
  • Allow Batches to be Verified
  • Allow Next Batch Number to be Modified
  • Allow Deletion of Linked WT Line PO Entry
  • Allow Entry of Inactive Items in WT Entry, Template Maintenance and Transaction Entry
  • Allow Entry of Miscellaneous Time during Labor Entry


  • Allow Full Access to Labor Entry – Previously, Labor Entry Administrator
  • Allow User to Override Parent Qty After WT is Released – Previously, Allow Parent Quantity Order Changes after WT is Released
  • Allow User to Override Earnings Code during Labor Entry – Previously, Access Earnings Code in Labor Entry.

New Visual Process Flows

With 2022 they’ve added new visual process flows including Work Ticket Management, Complete Work Ticket, and Close Work Ticket.  These were not available in version prior to 2022.

Work Ticket Management

World Ticket Management Window

Complete Work Ticket

Complete Work Ticket Window

Close Work Ticket

Close Work Ticket Window

Changes to Production Management Setup Options

  1. Main Tab
    • Added the option to integrate with GL
    • Changed the Default to Retain WT History from 2 years to 5 years

New Main Tab Setup Options in Version 2022

New Main Tab Setup Options in Version 2022 Window

  1. Entry Tab
    • Added option to enable Dynamic Materials

New Main Entry Setup Options in Version 2022

New Main Entry Setup Options in Version 2022 Window

Changes to Production Management Work Template Maintenance

  1. Materials Tab
    • Alias Item has been added to the screen
    • Item Quantity Inquiry has been added

Materials Tab Window

  1. Attachments Tab
    • Change to Standardize by adding the button on the right vs. defaulting the info for the attachment on the bottom of the screen.

Attachments Tab Window

Changes to Production Management Work Ticket Entry – this is our favorite enhancement

  1. Eliminate use of the Copy From Button to create a WT

Now you just go to your Work Ticket entry and go through the accept process and jump from tab to tab.  The Copy From button now only pertains if you want to copy from an existing Work Ticket whether it’s a in history or open.

  1. Ability to change the parent unit of measure

Unit of measure entry

  1. Work Ticket Memos have been added
  2. Changed the More button to Attachments

More button changed to Attachments

Changes to Production Management Work Ticket Transaction Entry – Labor Entry

In 2020, if you went into labor entry, you had to select a specific transaction type, then fill out your employee, your work ticket, your step and you’d have to do this multiple times, which was very redundant.  In 2022, they’ve streamlined it where now you can do multiple transactions types, multiple employees and multiple work tickets and steps all in one data entry screen so you don’t have to jump back and forth which is very nice.

Labor Entry Ticket Window

We’ve gone through some of the major changes from prior versions of production management to what they’ve been improved to in Sage 100 2022.

If you have questions related to Production Management or would like to see an in-depth demo of the solutions, please contact Rick Hudelson or any of our Sage 100 team members at 260.423.2414.

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