Sage 100 Production Management for Sage 100cloud

Sage Production Management, a new manufacturing module for Sage 100cloud, was released in May 2019 to the delight of manufacturers around the world. Developed to provide improved visibility throughout the production process, Sage Production Management is packed with features built specifically with improving the efficiency of manufacturers in mind. This allows for better tracking of costs, knowledge of where items are throughout production, and improved inventory views.

Providing manufacturers and fabricators with better visibility into their data makes it possible to make better decisions at faster speeds. Real-time item visibility, improved cost tracking, and optimized inventory management also enables businesses to reduce costs, eliminate errors, and run as operations as efficiently as possible.

The Powerful Work Order Replacement

Sage Production Management is a replacement for the Work Order and Materials Requirement Planning (MPR) modules. Intended to eliminate traditional issues of data siloing in manufacturing operations, Sage Production Management makes it easy to share data once stored across multiple systems or recorded as paper documents.

While Sage plans to offer legacy support for the Work Order and MRP modules, Sage Production Management is a powerful and flexible tool available for manufacturers looking to enhance their operations using modern solutions.

Sage 100cloud Flexibility

Sage Production Management works with Sage 100cloud, the powerful and full-featured business management solution designed for manufacturers and distributors. Offering complete financial integration throughout the manufacturing process, Sage 100cloud allows companies to maximize efficiency, work intelligently, and stay compliant with government regulations.

Fully integrated with the Sage 100cloud framework, Sage Production Management offers users unprecedented flexibility and access across a wide variety of mobile and desktop devices. Available on any device with an internet connection, Sage 100cloud makes it possible to record and access crucial business data throughout a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or while in transit.

Real-Time Inventory Visibility

Sage Production Management’s real-time capabilities paint an accurate, up-to-date picture of warehouse inventory. Users can quickly access crucial data about stock, materials, and more from any smartphone, allowing workers to stay informed no matter where they are.

Real-time status also lets manufacturers track an item’s progress throughout the manufacturing process. Improved transparency allows companies to keep better track of orders and manage customer relationships.

Highly Accurate Cost Tracking

Comprehensive cost tracking enables manufacturers to greatly improve reporting accuracy. Going above and beyond the bill of sale, Sage Production Management can fully track costs associated with labor, overhead, or other job-related expenses. A fully visible picture of manufacturing costs allows companies to identify and address inefficiency and waste throughout the process.

Improved Inventory Management

Powerful inventory management features reduce the risk of errors posed by manual entry or imported data. Rather than relying on disconnected and siloed data sources, Sage Production Management uses purchase order information from Sage 100cloud to help maintain an accurate, real-time record of goods and processes.

Fully Customizable

Utilizing the Sage Business Object framework, Sage Production Management can be customized to meet the specific needs unique to any manufacturing business. Individualized views make it possible to deliver information specifically tailored to the needs of manufacturers, warehouses, and other logistics providers.

Transparent and Accurate Manufacturing

Taken together, the features offered through Sage Production Management allows manufacturers to assert better control over their operations. Enhanced inventory management ensures manufacturers are can keep better track of transactions and materials on hand, having work orders compiled from multiple sources lends greater transparency into projects, and real-time information gathering keeps customers and businesses aware throughout the production process.

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