The Fall Sage 100 ERP User Group Meeting is coming to Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. There will also be a webinar, perfect for who will not be able to attend the meetings at the physical locations.

So what exactly happens at the user group meetings? Quite simply, it’s a great opportunity to speak with other Sage 100 ERP users about their experiences. You’ll also learn about the latest product enhancements and valuable techniques to become proficient with the software.

We’re really excited to offer the first Sage 100 ERP user group meetings since 2011. Because of the tremendous amount of positive feedback and demand from our clients, we are happy to make them available to a larger amount of people. We can’t wait to see you!

Discussion Topics

Get the Most Out of the New Features in Sage 100 ERP
There’s a saying that 80% of users will only use 20% of an application’s features. If this is true, it is possibly because the users don’t always know the features exist. Come Learn about the most popular and underused features in the latest versions of Sage 100 ERP. Also, get a quick peak into the future of the product.

Learn Your Options for Financial Report Creation in Sage 100 ERP
There are a number of financial report writing software packages that integrate with Sage 100 ERP. We’ll show you a comparison of the top solutions.

Visual Process Flows – Allows users to easily access tasks, reports, inquiries from one visually pleasing screen without navigating through the ERP’s tree of icons.
We’ll show you how this interactive graphical interface can be used to setup workflow and illustrate the steps required to complete processes. This feature allows you to customize visual process flows to your specific processes and lowers the learning curve for new users.

Learn More About Sage CRM
We’ll show you how an integrated ERP-CRM solution can greatly improve your business’s productivity and help you better connect with and understand your customers.

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