Introducing Sage Production Management For Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud

Targeted for release in May 2019, the new Sage Production Management is comprised of features designed to replace the legacy Work Order and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) modules currently in Sage 100. Here’s a closer look at this new functionality for manufacturers.

Sage Production Management Capabilities

At a high level, Sage Productions Management is a suite of manufacturing capabilities built on the Sage Business Object framework (aka “Business Framework”). That means you get a modernized platform capable of all the conveniences you’ve become accustomed to in other modules like primary and secondary data entry grids, resizable windows, batch data entry, right-click context menus, grid export to Excel, custom scripting, and so much more.

Functionality, Sage Production Management provides a comprehensive range of features that are not only designed to replace the legacy Work Order and MRP modules, but go above and beyond with higher value, more advanced manufacturing and production features. A few examples of these additional features include:

  • Dynamic, real-time updating of inventory transactions and quantity on-hand as materials are issued to a Work Order
  • Support for Make to Stock Job Type
  • One-click purchase order for outside processing
  • Create New Work Orders from multiple sources:  template, open work order, historical work order, or manually, with complete visibility as to how the work order was created
  • Easily move materials from one step to another step number
  • Work Ticket Steps and Materials are fully editable until the Work Ticket is closed
  • So much more…

Support for the Legacy Modules

Sage will continue to support existing customers using the legacy Work Order and MRP modules as the rollout and transition occurs over the next couple of years. Existing customers will be given the option to renew legacy modules or migrate to the new Production Management.

Be sure to contact us if you have questions about Sage Production Management and stay tuned for the official release date coming soon.