What’s in your warehouse?

If an efficiency expert came into your warehouse, what would they see?  Chances are they’d find room for improvement.  Yet operational efficiency in the warehouse is key to reduced costs and faster, more accurate order fulfillment.

Are you leveraging your Sage data in the warehouse?  Here are some areas you can automate for maximum efficiency.

Visibility Into Accurate, Real-Time Data

Does your warehouse have instant access to your Sage data?

Whether they’re receiving goods, transferring or issuing inventory, performing physical counts, or packing and shipping, they are performing activities that directly relate to your Sage data.  Easy access to the information they need to fulfill orders, along with a simple way for them to document all the inventory transactions they perform will make operations more accurate and efficient.

Do your sales and customer service teams have immediate visibility into the warehouse through Sage?  Are they waiting for inventory to be keyed in and hoping that it’s done accurately?

Manual entry of inventory transactions is error-prone and slow, leading to unreliable data.  The more you can automate these processes, the more confident your front office can be that they have the latest and greatest data on quantities on hand to sell.

If you’re manufacturing products, are you able to easily track both finished products and component/raw materials used to make them?

If you’re relying on your warehouse to manually document these activities, there’s a lot of room for error in tracking this crucial supply chain information.

Productivity through Mobility

The solutions to these problems can be literally in the palm of your hands.  Sage-integrated Warehouse Management Software (WMS) from ScanForce allows you to mobilize and optimize your warehouse team by putting the data they need in their hands.  With wireless barcode scanning devices, they can roam the warehouse un-tethered quickly performing and capturing any activity, including:

  • Inventory transactions including warehouse transfers, inventory issues, inventory receipts, etc.
  • Physical counts/cycle counts
  • Lot and serial number validation
  • Receiving goods right on the dock and printing labels on the fly
  • Shipping activities
  • Packing list printing

Wireless Mobile Sales lets you close business from the field even when you don’t have access to Sage.  Reps can:

  • Create quotes, sales orders, invoices, and credit memos
  • View stock quantities across warehouses for real-time availability details
  • View customer past purchase history to determine opportunities for sales
  • Capture signatures, print receipts, even calculate sales tax and close the deal on the spot with mobile credit card processing

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