Sage 100 Add-on Solutions to Help You Work Smarter

The Coronavirus has made all of us rethink how we go about our daily lives. As a result, technology is playing an even more significant role in how we perform vital functions away from our normal work environment. We understand how challenging this time is for everyone and we want to help.

During the months of July, August, and September we are offering a special promotion on three Sage 100 add-on solutions that will help you work smarter.

If you would like a demo or have questions about any of the solutions below, please contact Kons Skembos at 260.423.2414.

Sage AP Automation – 25% Off Set Up Costs

Streamline the entire Accounts Payable process, from purchase order to payment, by removing the need for manual data entry and making the AP process more accurate and efficient.

Sage AP Automation Solves These Common Challenges:

  • Manual data entry and inefficient processes
  • Manual approval routing
  • Lost or missing invoices
  • High number of AP discrepancies and exceptions
  • Disconnected systems and lack of centralized reporting
  • Delays in managing monthly accrual

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Sage Alerts & Workflow – 2nd Connector Free ($1,800 value)

Sage Alerts & Workflow monitors your Sage 100 database for potential problems, alerts you to the situation, and can even take action automatically.

Here are some common conditions that you can closely monitor with Sage Alerts & Workflow:

  • Your largest customer stops buying from you or a past-due customer is placing another order
  • The gross profit on your top seller suddenly drops
  • Inventory is running low or deliveries are delayed
  • A lease or contract is about to expire
  • Many, many more …

Maybe best of all, you get more than just an alert. Sage Alerts & Workflow can be configured to automatically put a customer on credit hold, create a purchase order, generate a Sage 100 report and route it to the appropriate manager, and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

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Sage Budgeting & Planning – 15% Off First Year Subscription Fees

Bring strategic insight to business planning.  Make quicker, more informed business decisions by automating and shortening the budgeting and planning cycles. It makes the planning process more efficient, encourages collaboration across all lines of business, and ties budgeting activities to actual results.

Key Features:

  • Use bottom-up or top-down budgeting processes – or a combination of both
  • Consolidate several different budget plans.
  • Control access to sensitive data
  • Integrate your budget with enterprise data sources
  • Support “what-if” analysis
  • Comprehensive and powerful calculation techniques

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If you would like a demo or have questions about any of the solutions above, please contact Kons Skembos at 260.423.2414.