Business management software has evolved greatly over the years from basic accounting software into sophisticated, integrated solutions that can manage every facet of your business. 

With each upgrade, you are getting the advantage of years of real business experience translated into a software solution that can help your business achieve the same success.  The wheel was invented years ago and , luckily, you don’t need to invent it again.  You can leverage the experience of companies who have found success in the past by using today’s powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

Most of today’s leading ERP solutions start with a solid platform that includes management capabilities for basic core business functions including financials, inventory, manufacturing, human resources and payroll, as well as some business intelligence and reporting features.  You can then find a solution that adds to those basic functions with specialties for a specific industry, such as food and beverage, manufacturing, distribution, banking, health care, and the list goes on.  You may find an ERP solution that includes Bill of Materials management for manufacturers or bar code for distribution.  Having the choice to implement and ERP solution with basic functionality or one that offers these added features for specific industry types makes the software affordable and increases its efficiency.  Unless you need bar code to make your warehouse more efficient, you don’t need to waste money on that functionality.  However, if you manage a large volume of inventory, then you may want more robust inventory functions and possibly warehouse management functions.

These added industry specific specialties were designed with the intent to make the ERP solution work more efficiently for the business and are often based on real industry experience.  In order to determine which functions you really need in an ERP solution, it’s best to prioritize business goals and determine what data you need to collect and analyze to meet those goals.  Working closely with an experienced software provider can provide additional guidance with choosing a solution that meets your business needs today, and that can grow as your business flourishes.

The wheel was invented a long time ago, and so was ERP.  Over time, business leaders and software programmers have worked to make it better and more useful to businesses of all sizes, types, and those with budget restrictions.  There really is an ERP solution for you; you just need to find it.  Contact DWD Technology Group for a free software needs assessment and get closer to finding the right ERP software for you.

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