ERP: More Than Accounting Software

There are many ways to answer that question. To some people, ERP is synonymous with accounting software and to others it’s just another acronym in an industry (technology) that’s filled with jargon. so, first things first: let’s define what ERP stands for…

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

Now that you know what ERP stands for, let’s discuss what it means for you and for your business.

ERP: More Than Accounting Software

While most people think that Enterprise Resource Planning software is just a fancy way to refer to accounting software, it’s far more than just debits, credits, and journal entries.

To put it simply, ERP is a system that integrates (or connects) all of your business functions or transactions into one single software application. One system that runs everything from the shop floor, warehouse, or in the field to the accounting department, customer service, or executive office.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems (which include the “core” functionality of accounting software and a general ledger) typically integrate functions such as Inventory and Supply Chain Management, Order Processing and Purchasing, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturing, Financial Reporting and Accounting, and more.

One Single Database for Better Efficiency and Reporting

Perhaps most importantly, all of those functions are connected and “talking to each other,” sharing the same data, optimizing workflow, cutting costs, and creating efficiency that you wouldn’t get if you were running 3 or 4 different software applications to run each of those functions individually (in a “silo”).

Plus with all of the data and information from across your business (or “enterprise”) in one database, reporting is faster, easier, more accurate, and helps everyone make better and more informed decisions.

Enterprise Resource Planning software helps you run like a lean, mean, profit-making machine!

Are Your Ready for an ERP Solution?

Sage 100 offers a wide variety of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions that can be configured and customized to fit your unique business processes and goals. Sage 100 systems are designed with you in mind.

Are you ready to experience what ERP software can do for you?

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