Sage 100 2018.4 Now Available for Download

Let’s take a look at some of the most recent enhancements and product updates that are included in the newest release.

Consolidate Multiple Orders in Shipping

With Sage 100 2018.4, you can now consolidate multiple sales orders in to one shipment in     Shipping Data Entry.  Two new fields have been added on the Entry tab in Shipping Setup Options including Consolidate Orders on One Invoice and Consolidate by Customer PO No.

Depending on the settings you choose, you can consolidate sales orders for one invoice as the orders are processed in Shipping Data Entry and/or consolidate orders into one invoice only if the PO number is the same. You can also consolidate orders into one invoice if the PO numbers are different.

Shipping Data Entry

When multiple orders have been added to the current shipment, you can select the Show Detail for All Orders check box to view the lines for all of the orders. If the check box is cleared, the grid displays lines only for the order entered in the Order No. field.

View Multiple SO and PO Numbers

When you’re viewing an invoice to which multiple sales orders are applied, you can click the Zoom button next to the Order No. field to view a list of the orders. If there are multiple customer purchase order numbers associated with the orders, a Zoom button also appears next to the Customer PO field.

Credit Card Processing

Processing payment cards with EMV chips through Paya (formerly Sage Payment Solutions) is now supported when using either Ingenico ipp320 or Equinox L5300 card readers. However, before processing payments with chip cards, you must update your settings in Sage Exchange Desktop:

  1. In the Windows system tray, right click the Sage Exchange 2.0 icon and then click Settings.
  2. In the Sage Exchange – Settings window, under Hardware, select EMV Devices.
  3. Select your card reader device.
  4. Select the Generate EMV receipts check box.

Quick Links to Sage University

A Sage University button has been added to several task windows in AP, AR, Bank Reconciliation, General Ledger, Payroll, and more. You can click the button to view a list of training videos related to the task. Depending on your Business Care plan, there may be no charge to watch the videos.

Release Notes and Other Details

Download the What’s New Document and Release Notes for full details of all enhancements and program fixes applied in Sage 100 2018.4 and be sure to contact us if you need help updating your Sage 100/Sage 100cloud system to the current release.