I know you’ve all be patiently waiting for the latest version of BusinessWorks, v2012 to be released by Sage Software. Well we’ve got great news…It is here!

Sage Software designed the new enhancements in BusinessWorks v2012 to give you additional insight into your business. As a result, you can make more informed business decisions to increase productivity and profitability.

Key BusinessWorks v2012 Enhancements:

  • Customizable GL Financial Reports – focus on the information you need with new drill-down capabilities.
  • Easier to Customize Standard Reports – add/remove fields, rearrange fields, print in landscape mode and change sort/filter options.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing – cut data entry time in half by processing credit card sales and returns in a single step within BusinessWorks.
  • Find Invoice Field in Post Receipts – eliminates the tedious task of scrolling through invoices just to find a particular one.
  • Direct Deposit Payroll Check Emailing – use the new email address field in maintain employees to email direct deposit paycheck stubs to your employees.

Are you anxious to check out ALL the enhancements in BusinessWorks version 2012? Review the BusinessWorks v2012 Enhancement Guide.