One thing BusinessWorks has seemed to have missed until recently is the ability to distinguish among multiple companies with which you’re working.  With version 2021, Sage BusinessWorks now offers the ability to define a “Theme” (color setting) to distinguish quickly the company in which you are working.

In order to access this capability, you MUST have the Custom Office module as part of your installation.  If you’re unsure that you have that module, you can refer to Utilities > Registration Information > Module Registration

Custom Office module

You must have a valid Serial Number and Unlocking Code to access the Themes.  Assured that you have a valid Custom Office component, you may proceed to Utilities > Company Information.

You will see a new option called “Selected Style”

“Selected Style”

Click the Style button to access the various colors available to use.

Access the various colors available to use

There are quite the number of options.  Some are “better options” than others.

Color options

Color options

Note that when you change your style colors, it will become apparent when you open a task in that company.  This becomes quite helpful if you tend to open the same data entry screens in different companies or if you want some visual recognition that a company is a historical company and users shouldn’t be in that company code.

If you have the Custom Office Module registered and you would like to consider sprucing up your data entry screens, either for cosmetic purposes or for practical purposes, check out the available Styles you can select via Company Information.

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