Are you guilty of ignoring software update notifications?

We regularly work with clients that have paid for the annual Sage BusinessWorks ClientCare plan, yet they aren’t regularly installing the software updates/service packs that come with the plan.  If you’re in this position, don’t worry you are not alone.

Why should I update my software when a service pack is released?

Following the release of BusinessWorks v2013, Sage began including new features, functionality & bug fixes within its software updates (referred to as service packs) rather than issuing an annual upgrade.  This change was made to provide software users with enhancements as they are available rather than just once a year through a software upgrade.

If you are experiencing an issue with your BusinessWorks software, always check to make sure you’ve installed the latest service pack.  Sage Software may have already issued a fix for the problem you are experiencing.

Software developers like Sage Software are continuously working on ways to improve their programs. A variety of criteria go into updates such as consumer feedback, compatibility issues, and security.  Consumer feedback is the most exciting part of the updating process because developers listen to their customer’s complaints and suggestions then tweak the software appropriately.  This can include adding a function that makes the software more efficient.

Finally, security is a big reason you should update your computer and programs whenever an update is released.  Hackers thrive on software that has not been updated because a lot of time those updates were created to fix problem areas that are frequently attacked by hackers.

How often are service packs issued?

Sage BusinessWorks updates are generally released 4-5 times per year.

How do I know when a new service pack is available?

Sage Software sends emails to contacts that have turned on “BusinessWorks Forum” notifications.  All product releases, release notes, alerts, announcements, and news items are posted in Sage BusinessWorks Announcements, News and Alerts Forum.

To start receiving email notifications:

  • Login to Sage City
    • If you have not created a login you will need to register for Sage City
  • Once you have logged in, select Support Groups, then the United States
  • Select Sage BusinessWorks
  • Select Forums and you will see the Sage BusinessWorks Announcements, News and Alerts forum.
  • Open the forum and you will see a green button that states Turn forum notifications on.  Click this option and you will then receive an email notification every time an announcement has been posted in this forum.

How do I know which service pack has last been installed?

You can tell which service pack you are running by clicking on the Help > About.. a splash screen will appear showing the latest version and service pack.  It will look something like Sage BusinessWorks Accounting (Version 2019 SP4).  The first number is the version of the software, the next information is the service pack installed (SP4 for this example).

If it’s been a while since you updated your Sage BusinessWorks system and you need help, please contact us at 260.423.2414.  Also, if you have questions regarding the benefits you receive with an active Business Care plan, please give us a call.