Recurring Entries is a feature that can help you streamline repetitive postings.

GL > Entries > Recurring Entries > Maintain

If you access this, and there are no Recurring Entries defined, you’ll get a message indicating that you’ll be placed in “New” mode so that you can create the template.

Enter a Recurring ID (up to 12 characters) and a description. Then, format the journal entry as you would if manually entering. You can disable the Auto Balancing Entries if you don’t want to be prompted for the net debit or credit that would complete the entry.

Maintain Recurring Entries Window

Save the entry by clicking on the “diskette” button. You can create as many templates as you might need.

When you’re ready, proceed to Batch Post.

Recurring Journal Entries in Sage BusinessWorks C-Batch Post

Enter the Transaction (posting) Date and select any or all of the entries to be posted on the date specified.

Recurring Journal Entries in Sage BusinessWorks D-Transaction Date

The “Last Posted” date indicates when an entry was previously recorded. Selected entries will post based on the debits and credits defined when it was last maintained. If you need to modify the amounts, you must do so prior to selecting and posting.

Utilizing Recurring Entries can help you maximize your efficiency and minimize data entry errors.

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