What’s New in BusinessWorks 2019, SP1 & SP2?

Sage BusinessWorks 2019 was released last fall and is available for download on the Sage Customer Portal.  A portal login is required to download the product.

BusinessWorks version 2019 is a regular product upgrade and you should follow the Upgrade Installation Instructions included with the download.  A database update is required after an upgrade. Please allow time for the database update when planning your upgrade.

Version 2019 New Features

We’ve listed a number of the new features in version 2019, SP1 & SP2:

System Manager

  • Removal of the Pervasive System Analyzer and keyhelp.ocx file.
  • In the Select Backup File Name window, users will now receive the error “The specified file location or name (COMPANY.ZIP) is invalid, please try again.” when the drive location is not valid.
  • Sage Payments has been rebranded to Paya.  The installation files have not yet been updated to display Paya so you may still see Sage Exchange.

General Ledger

  • GL Import Journal Entries will no longer allow the import of dollar amounts with more than 2 decimal places.
  • When the GL year-end close begins to process, a scan will detect if the retained earnings account will exceed the 10-digit limit.  If the retained earnings account balance exceeds this limit, it will display an error message and abort close.
  • Journal Entries no longer import with incorrect dates.
  • Journal entry will show an error in the exception report if an imported entry is out of balance.

Cash Management

  • Cash Management cash balances now include an explanation as to what Calculated and Actual totals mean.
  • All deposits now export when using Cash Management Custom Exports, including those from AR and from CM.

Accounts Payable

  • A new Aging Report has been added called “Exportable Aging Report”.

Accounts Receivable/Order Entry

  • Save Current Settings option has been added to the AR Reprint Invoices, AR Reprint Credit Memos, and AR Reprint Debit Memos tasks.
  • Adjustments, open credits, and deposits are now correctly reflected in the aging report.
  • Part History in Maintain Sales Orders no longer shows part id duplicated.


  • No limit to the number of box 12 deductions in Payroll.
  • Added support for Payroll box 12 codes GG and HH.
  • Payroll Verification Report now correctly handles rate change to 0.000 or .0001.

Inventory Control

  • Inventory Transaction Detail Report transaction dates now include the year, not just mm-dd.
  • “Purchase Order # not on file” error no longer occurs when accessing Maintain POs for first order.

Sage Software has created a video outlining the new features included in Sage BusinessWorks Version 2019.  Be sure to take time to watch it.

If you have questions with any of the features above or need assistance upgrading your BusinessWorks system to version 2019, please contact Mary Hildinger at 260.423.2414.