Did you know that Sage BusinessWorks and Sage ACT! work together to provide a well-rounded solution that can help maintain customer loyalty and vendor responsiveness?

Here are a few of the highlights of ACT! Link:

  • Data synchronized between the ACT! database and the Sage BusinessWorks accounting software database.
  • Sage BusinessWorks tasks launch from within Sage ACT! for automatic accounting information updates.
  • Launch Sage BusinessWorks Accounts Receivable Maintain Customers and AR Invoices in Sage ACT! to simplify processing for your sales team.
  • Launch Order Entry module Maintain Quotes and Sales Orders, and perform direct invoicing as well as quote, sales order, and invoice inquiries without having to navigate out of the Sage ACT! product.
  • Access Sage BusinessWorks vendor information from within Sage ACT! to facilitate vendor management.

Cool right? Users operating within ACT! can issue sales orders, perform customer inquiries, or view detailed orders and invoices. In effect, the two products allow you to connect the two halves of your business – front office, which includes your sales force, and the heart of your business, your accounting system.

If you are currently using either BusinessWorks or ACT! and would like to hear more about linking these two great products feel free to contact me at 260-423-2414 or info@dwdtechgroup.com.

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