Has my Sage BusinessWorks maintenance plan price increased?

In June 2019, Sage Software announced that new tiered pricing would go into effect for all active users of the Sage BusinessWorks Payroll module.

The new payroll pricing will be effective August 1, 2019, appearing on customer invoice at the time of their renewal and will be prorated to align with their renewal date.

Why did Sage Software make this change?

For many years, Sage has charged annual payroll consumption fees for the majority of their software products including Sage 50, Sage 100, etc, but this has not been the case for Sage BusinessWorks customers.  The price change brings BusinessWorks in line with industry standards and what Sage has done with its other products.

The Tiered Pricing means BusinessWorks customers will only pay for as much payroll as they are using, according to the employee counts Sage has on record in their system.

Sage BusinessWorks Payroll Tier Pricing Breakdown

What are my options as a BusinessWorks Payroll customer?

When you receive your annual maintenance plan renewal invoice from Sage Software, be sure to review the renewal pricing to make sure it accurately reflects your business’s payroll usage.  The current price of the Sage BusinessWorks Business Care plans are as follows:

Bronze Plan – $820.00

Silver Plan – $1,410

Gold Plan – $1,890

Using the pricing above, you can breakdown the total cost of your Business Care plan into base plan price + payroll tier price.  For example, a customer on the Bronze maintenance plan processing payroll for 27 employees would pay $1,220 ($820 + $400) for their annual maintenance.   If you are no longer using payroll or feel the payroll pricing is not listed at the correct tier, contact Sage Software at 800.447.5700.

What do I receive with my Sage BusineessWorks Business Care Plan?

Each year as you renew your annual BusinessWorks Business Care Plan, it’s important to review the benefits you receive with the plan.  If you’re paying for the plan, make sure you’re taking advantage of the software updates, support cases, workshops, tutor services, and other items that come with it.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what you receive with each BusinessWorks Business Care plan.

If you have any questions related to your Payroll usage, the price increase on anything related to your Sage BusinessWorks system, please contact DWD, we’re happy to provide assistance.