Last fall Sage Software made the BusinessWorks upgrade available for the first time as a download.

As a result, they learned that even though the download was available in October, most customers waited until after the year-end closing process to download and install the upgrade.  With that in mind, Sage has decided to schedule the BusinessWorks v2012 release for early February 2012.

They are hoping that by moving the release date to February, it will give BusinessWorks users the advantage of:

  • A more convenient, less-hectic time for installing the upgrade.
  • Reduced confusion over when to install tax table updates versus when to install the upgrade release.
  • More features and enhancements in the next release due to the three additional months of development.

Are you aware of all the enhancements in BusinessWorks v2012?  Review the BusinessWorks v2011 Enhancement Guide.

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