Year-end is rapidly approaching and now is the time to make sure you have everything prepared.

Like many of you, I found myself hanging Christmas decorations this past weekend and wondering where this past year could possibly have gone.  And if the holiday season wasn’t busy enough already, this is also the time many companies begin planning for year-end.  With that in mind, we’d like to provide you with a variety of BusinessWorks year-end processing resources.

BusinessWorks Year-end Assistance Center

The BusinessWorks Year-end Assistance Center located on Sage City is packed full of helpful year end processing tips including:

  • How to complete payroll year-end processing
  • How to process vendor 1099 and 1096 annual summary forms
  • W-2 reporting and other W-2 related questions
  • How to create a copy/archive a company before closing the year
  • Affordable Care Act resources

BusinessWorks 2015 Payroll Year-end Tutorials

Sage Software is offering free BusinesWorks 2015 Payroll Year-end Tutorial videos including:

  • How to install Enhanced Tax Reporting
  • Processing and Correcting W-2 Forms in Enhanced Tax Reporting
  • How to process Third Party Sick Pay
  • How to set up payroll deductions
  • How to account for Fringe Benefits on the W-2
  • Start the New Year right by Tuning Up your Payroll

Important Year-end Items to Remember

Be sure to remember these key year-end items:

  • Make sure you order or purchase the correct W-2/1099 forms.
  • We recommend you complete a pre run of your W-2’s in early December to make sure you have the correct forms and reconcile payroll information verifying that W-2’s are correct.
  • It is critical to back up your data.  When completing back ups at the end of the year, back up after the last payroll and save.  Also, back up before closing the payroll year and restore this back up (archive) to a new id such as PR2016.

If you have year-end questions or need assistance, please contact us at or 260-423-2414.