There are a number of reports available within Sage BusinessWorks, some of which might seem more useful than others.  Within each of the modules, a summary-type report is available which can provide statistics about your company’s performance from different viewpoints.  The Flash Report within each module organizes that module’s data into an easy-to-read format based on data for the current open month and anywhere from 12-24 months prior.

The General Ledger Flash Report provides insight to your business’ financial state of health and trends in your financial position.  Ratios calculated in the Flash Report are common among the financial community.  This information can be used by you and/or your CPA to determine how well your business is doing.  To access the report:

GL > Reports > Flash Report

General Ledger Flash Report

The Balance Sheet Ratios make various comparisons between Assets, Liabilities, and Equity.  The Income Statement Ratios make comparisons of Gross and Net Profit as well as Inventory and Receivables Turnover.  Summary History shows monthly breakdowns of Balance Sheet categories and Income Statement categories.

BusinessWorks also offers Flash Reports for its other modules.  Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Flash Reports provide comparisons regarding payments to vendors and receipts from customers.

AP > Reports > Flash Report

AR > Reports > Flash Report

The AP Flash Report provides information on YTD payables, purchases, payments and 1099 payments as well as a 12 month purchase history and YTD Vendor highlights

Accounts Payable Flash Report

Month-to-Date Accounts Payable Summary

Vendor Highlight

The AR Flash Report shows similar information as the AP Flash Report, but from a customer point of view.  This report also reflects Sales Tax Summary information MTD, QTD, and YTD and Sales Rep highlights.

Accounts Receivable Flash Report

Month-to-Date Accounts Receivable Summary

These flash reports can be used by management to analyze business performance and spot trends in order to make more effective business decisions.  Other flash reports can be found in IC, OE, PR and JC.

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