What’s New in Sage BusinessWorks versions 2020, 2020 SP1 & SP2 and 2021

Sage BusinessWorks 2021.0 was recently released and is currently available for download on the Sage Customer Portal.  A portal login and active maintenance plan is required to download the product.

What are the New Features in Sage BusinessWorks 2021.0?

  • Updated color schemes – the color schemes can be set system-wide, by company or by user
  • Support added for the 1099-NEC form
  • Enhanced Import Quotes and Orders task to allow (via checkbox) the ability to delete existing quotes/orders
  • Year to date tips (charged and cash) can be added to payroll check stubs
  • Option is available to print only the last four digits of the employee bank account number on direct deposit check stubs
  • Accounts Receivable, Order Entry and Payroll forms have been updated to show four-digit year

View the full Sage BusinessWorks 2021 Release Notes

New & Updated Functionality in Sage BusinessWorks 2021.0

Accounts Payable

  • Program will now retain EIN in internal tables when Payroll is not being used.
  • Support has been added for the 1099-NEC form.

Order Entry

  • When creating a new order, the focus now defaults to the date field.
  • Enhanced the Import Quotes and Orders application to allow (via checkbox) the ability to DELETE an existing quote/order


  • Options has been added to ‘Mask Bank Acct # on stubs’ for direct deposit checks.
  • Add to Gross checkbox is now automatically selected when creating a new Other Pay
  • Updated the application to recalculate the gross pay when the standard rate ID is changed.
  • Application has been modified to NOT allow imports of Deduction or OtherPay entries without a valid ID.



Sage BusinessWorks 2020 was released early this year and has been available for download on the Sage Customer Portal since January 2020.  A portal login and active maintenance plan is required to download the product.

The 2020 version of Sage BusinessWorks focused primarily on the changes that were made to the W-4 for the tax year 2020.  In addition to these changes, the tax table updates for the tax year 2020 were also included along with a link that makes it easy for you to access Sage LiveChat when you are in need of assistance.

New Features in Sage BusinessWorks 2020

  • Changes to the Maintain Employee Status to accommodate the changes made to the 2020 Form W-4.
  • Tax table updates for Federal and several states. Check Release Notes for the states with tax table updates.
  • New LiveChat links have been added to the interface.

Sage BusinessWorks – What’s New 2020 – View 7-minute video

New Features in Sage BusinessWorks 2020 SP1

  • Tax table updates for several states
  • Print tax tables for US is now showing the correct rates
  • Payroll verification reports have been corrected
  • Employee Medicare comparing rate has been corrected to 1.45%
  • All Federal tax tables appear on the Print Tax Tables report including 2c checkbox tables.

New Features in Sage BusinessWorks 2020 SP2

  • Tax table updates for several states
  • New options have been added to the Print 941 screen to allow for the selection of COVID related task codes and other pays to assist with populating the new 941 form for quarter 2 of 2020. By selecting the “Include COVID reporting” check box, fields are opened to allow the mapping of the desired OtherPay ID or Task ID to the appropriate Sick Leave or Family Leave (FMLA) field on the 941. Mapping these fields will take the value of the checks that were assigned to the task code or other pay and populate fields 5a i and 5a ii as necessary.
  • Non-Resident Alien no longer displays in Federal Filing Status on Employee Master List when federal status is Head of Household
  • Wages in Excess of 200, 000 are now properly updated on 941 line 5d.

View the full Sage BusinessWorks 2020 Release Notes

Sage Software Knowledgebase Articles

Answers to many of your questions can be found on the Sage Support Knowledgebase.

  1. Product updates, service packs and tax table updates are now accessible on the Sage KnowledgeBase at https://www.sagekb.com
  2. Click Log on and then click Log on for downloads and personalized content. Use your same login credentials as the Sage Customer and Partner Portal for Knowledgebase and download access.
  3. Select My Downloads
  4. Choose Sage BusinessWorks
  5. The download should display at the page 6. The new and improved knowledgebase offers expanded search capabilities and allows faster publication of new articles.

* If you have not registered for the Sage Knowledgebase, click sign up and follow the instructions. Shortly after completing your registration, you will receive a registration confirmation.

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