When it comes to the healthcare financial management system at your practice, are you getting a clear picture of the details you need to move your practice forward? What reporting, analytics, and information do you need to improve both patient experiences and employee productivity?

Now more than ever, it is critical that your healthcare financial management system be able to seamlessly perform complex and innovative reporting and analytics capabilities. With real-time data – the right information at the right time – you can make more informed, patient-focused decisions.

A streamlined financial management, human resource, and reporting and analytics system not only can improve patient satisfaction and experiences, but it can also significantly impact your healthcare practice through:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Enhanced analysis and decision-making
  • Expanded collaboration and communication

Our team at DWD Technology Group created a helpful eBook, 6 ways to Streamline Financial Management for Your Healthcare Practice, that outlines how an innovative, multi-dimensional financial management system – one with robust reporting and analytics capabilities – can move your practice forward.

How to See Clearly with Your Financial Management System

Our eBook explains how healthcare organizations like yours can gain visibility to the critical data and key performance indicators (KPIs) needed to make better-informed decisions and create a competitive advantage. As the trusted partner of healthcare organizations of all sizes, we use Sage Intacct to reduce time-consuming manual reporting and increase financial visibility at every level by:

Supporting flexible reporting

By being able to tag transactions with multiple operating dimensions, you get accurate, meaningful reports while automating time-intensive tasks. With less time spent on consolidating data and compiling spreadsheets and more time spent on reviewing KPIs, you can move forward on strategic initiatives.

Completing month-end close quickly

When data is delivered in real-time and shared via dashboards and automated reporting, less time is spent on the month-end close process itself. A robust financial management system automates the process with complete multi-entity consolidation as well as automated checklists and reconciliations.

Delivering accurate and timely reports

With role-relevant dashboards and reports that give managers the specific information they need, they can better guide their departments. Financial visibility provides insight to key financial indicators and trends as well as benchmarks.

Enabling deeper insights

Through centralized reporting and business intelligence, your managers can dig into data to find the drivers, trends, and outcomes that affect your bottom line. Real-time reports and dashboards are accessible at any time, from any location and device, enabling you to proactively make decisions and adjust business strategies.

DWD Technology Group helps healthcare organizations improve patient outcomes and increase employee satisfaction. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we can help your organization move forward. Contact us today!