Streamline Processes and Increase Efficiencies with HR Automation

Doing more with less has become somewhat of a battle cry for today’s nonprofits.  Nonprofits are required to operate with fewer resources so they constantly strive to be more inventive to exceed expectations and advance the organization’s mission.

Being nimble and maximizing efficiency are cornerstones of successful nonprofits that are accustomed to getting more done with limited resources.  ‘s true fund accounting system and its comprehensive HR Management suite can help!

With the MIP Fund Accounting™ HR Management suite, gain access to the tools and complementary features you need to manage your organization, eliminate costly duplicate entries between multiple solutions, and automate employee HR activities with a self-service web-based portal.

Save time and money with an integrated HR and fund accounting system.

HR – The Human Resource module enables quick and easy reporting (including ACA, FMLA, and EEO) tax form population, tracking of employee information, plus much more.

EWS – The Employee Web Services module provides 24/7 self-service web access for employees and managers.

Benefit Enrollment – Information tracked within HR – such as benefit plan groups and employee data – is seamlessly integrated, enabling you to easily manage employee enrollment processes.

Payroll – Product timely and accurate pay for employees, while also integrating with GL distribution in MIP Fund Accounting.

Automating processes and tasks helps emphasize the “human” element of human resources by freeing employees from the mundane.  When it comes to routine and classically core functions of HR – such as payroll, benefits administration, and forms – automation can maximize resources and drastically reduce the amount of time devoted to administrative tasks.

In this whitepaper, discover better nonprofit HR solutions, including how to:

  • Eliminate manual work and reduce time required by manual HR processes
  • Centralize all HR data in one automated system
  • Maintain strong federal compliance, and reduce the risk of ACA non-compliance penalties
  • Enable your organization to reduce costs by eliminating the expensive outsourcing of HR tasks and processes
  • Automate HR processes directly from a fund accounting software solution

Don’t exhaust your resources using manual HR processes.

Discover better nonprofit HR solutions today.  Download, “Top 10 HR Processes to Automate at Your Nonprofit”.